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Where I Slept: New Delhi, India #2


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New Delhi, India

New Delhi, India | 13 December, 2006 | $6.11

No, I didn’t sleep at McDonalds—but look at the recycling options! As a designer I spend a lot of time looking at packaging and signs on the road. It’s always a treat to see how international brands change their product and design for local markets. I get a lot of flack for eating at McDonalds abroad but not only is it culturally fascinating, it also helps with the kind of homesickness that a traveler is prone to get after six months on the road.

This hotel was much cheaper and just around the corner—sometimes changing is worth the hassle. Delhi was a refueling top for me, as most big cities are, where I had new pants made, bought toothpaste and sent a package full of souvenirs and guidebooks home.

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  1. Zablon Mukuba Avatar
    Zablon Mukuba

    so that is how you take care of homesickness