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Where I Slept: New Delhi, India


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New Delhi, India

New Delhi, India | 11 December, 2006 | $20

My first night in India’s capital was spent at an overpriced hotel in a maze of tiny alleyways. The train from Agra only takes four hours but the Chinese traveler (whom I’d met in Khajuraho and I traveled all the way to Delhi with) didn’t have much luck finding rooms arriving late in the day.

Surprisingly, I ran into Sui (my travel partner in Tiber and Nepal) walking down a crowded street in while I was here. After parting ways in Pokhara, Nepal we ran into each other in a Varanassi alley an hour before she left for Calcutta. When her train was late she decided to head West instead of East at the last minute, ensuring we would spend yet another holiday together.

A highlight of New Delhi for me was the lotus-shaped Baha’i Temple. Despite huge crowds of tourists and an entrance line, once I entered the temple I left the loud bustle of India behind and was surrounded by silence. What a huge difference from the colorful, crowded Hindu temples I’d seen in Nepal!

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