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Where I Slept: Khajuraho, India


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Khajuraho, India

Khajuraho, India | 6 December, 2006 | $4.33

I love going through my photos and updating all of these locations, most of which I never even bothered to write about in the first place. However, the images of the rooms have to be the ugliest images I have. I’m making an executive decision and using whatever image I want up top.

Khajuraho is a notable tourist destination but just far enough away from Delhi that it gets left out of the Agra tourism loop. I hadn’t originally intended on staying but the detour from Varanasi worked out and I found myself in this very strange little town surrounded by overly excited men.

Most people come with tour groups and never walk through the town or frequent the shops so I found myself being followed by a group of men at most times. When I walked into a shop to buy water five men would follow me and the shopkeeper would ask me to stay for tea. I love getting to know the locals over tea but couldn’t stay cornered in a little shop surrounded by men. I’m used to being stared at—China broke me of any illusions of privacy or Western boundaries but this was different and didn’t feel right. Thankfully my hotel had a lovely little courtyard with plants and fish where I spent time discussing politics with an interesting Chinese tourist—the first Chinese tourist I’d met traveling alone and a woman to boot!

If you like temples, there’s plenty more in the gallery.

4 responses to “Where I Slept: Khajuraho, India”

  1. Zablon Mukuba Avatar
    Zablon Mukuba

    overly excited men! lol

  2. Dis Avatar

    What a gorgeous place!

  3. Megan Avatar

    The fenced off area with all of the temples in Khajuraho was gorgeous. The town itself was pretty unspectacular. I love India for photography—the bright clothing most people wear makes it easy to take colorful images.

  4. Megan Avatar

    Just wait, Dis—the next place I slept was Agra!