NYC for a Day

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Originally I planned to spend a day in Baltimore and fly to Chicago in the late morning. Once I decided to spend that day in D.C. another plan presented itself—New York City. Although this trip was meant to be about seeing new places flying out of Dulles gave me the option to connect through JFK instead of Boston. The friend I was staying with was flying out early in the morning so everything fell into place and I switched myself to a 6am flight to JFK.

Megan in the NYC metro

I needed to get back to Chicago that night for the Meet, Plan, Go! talk the following day but flying through New York allowed me almost 14 hours before my connecting flight to Chicago. After checking my bag for the day in the international terminal I took the metro into the city. I’ve been to NYC a few times so the aim of my day was not to visit Times Square or Central Park, but just to walk around and take in the city for the day.

My first stop was the new High Line Park, one thing that has opened since my last visit. It was beautifully designed with modern architecture, native plantings and great spaces to sit and eat a bagel. Coincidently, David happened to be in NYC for the week and although we had just spent time together in D.C. we decided it would be funny to meet up in a 5th city. He was aghast that I had never had dim sum so we made our way to Chinatown for my first dim sum experience. If I could eat party appetizers for every meal I would so I instantly loved the concept of dim sum. Women in orange uniforms wheeled carts full of steaming food around us and we chose what we felt like at the moment—everything from shrimp dumplings to custard deserts.

Most museums were closed the day I was in town so after a bit of shopping and a beer with David we said goodbye and I headed back to JFK for my flight home. If you’d like to see more, I’ve added a few photos from my day in New York to my gallery here.