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Talking Travel at Meet, Plan, Go!


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Last night’s Chicago Meet, Plan, Go! was a success! REI’s community room was full and I was surprised at how well-traveled the audience already was. We even had someone who had been to Uzbekistan—I was impressed. Hopefully everyone had a good time and left with a reignited passion for RTW travel. As always, I always welcome questions here and I’m happy to chime in on fellow travelers’ trip ideas.

Meet, Plan, Go!

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  1. Monique Avatar

    Hi Megan,

    I had the chance to see you and others chat at MPG and wanted to say how much I appreciated it. It was great to have a nice mix of voices and experiences to help answer questions and fuel discussion. I am planning a temporary (possibly permanent) move to Thailand in March (and maybe other side trips before, during and/or after) and was wondering if I might be able to email you some questions I have about certain countries and travel arrangements. As a total planner, I really dig all your research but like that you can still go with the flow and enjoy the unknown of one-way travel. – M

    1. Megan Avatar

      Monique – I’m glad you enjoyed the Meet, Plan, Go! event. It was really fun to talk to everyone. So many people are taking the plunge and going abroad to live long term. You are completely welcome to email me. Just send it to my first name and

  2. Lisa Lubin Avatar
    Lisa Lubin

    It was a pleasure to have you on our panel…thank you so much! We had a great mix of travelers.
    Sorry you missed our dinner…let’s catch up soon!!

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