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Where I Slept: Alichur, Tajikistan


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Alichur, Tajikistan

Alichur, Tajikistan | 29 September, 2009 | $8.75

We arrived in Alichur with an hour or two before sundown so I went out exploring. I took wonderful photos of the local kids and the father and daughter I had tea with in their home. Unfortunately, this is the one memory card in my camera I managed to erase by mistake. When I got back to the house I learned that one of my travelmates had been sent out to look for me since I was a woman alone and it was almost dark. Staying with Rahima and her daughters was a great experience. She was a teacher at the town school and a transplant from Dushanbe who spoke passable English! It was wonderful to finally learn about our driver and the Tajik culture without pantomime.

I took down Rahima’s address hoping to communicate with her in the future. Amazingly, my friend David was traveling through Tajikistan recently and hand delivered my photos to her and a few other people in the towns along the Wakhan Corridor. You can read about his quest to find the people in my photos here at his blog.

At this altitude the nights were bitterly cold and we had drunk a lot of tea. The house was small with a narrow entrance hallway where the driver slept, the main room with the stove and a platform where we slept and a small room where the Rahima and her three daughters slept. The baby was colicky and up most of the night crying but I had trouble sleeping for other reasons?imagine waking up in a dark house at a high altitude and trying your hardest to go back to sleep instead of going to the bathroom. After an hour you give up and put on your clothes, boots, coat, hat and gloves. Once you find your flashlight you make your way outside and navigate the frozen dirt path to the public toilets a few doors down. You have to hold your flashlight to make sure you don’t step through into the pit (see the photo below) while looking out for any animals or neighbors.

Front of the house Public bathroom Our sleeping surface was also the dining room table

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  1. Blake Mueller Avatar
    Blake Mueller

    Hello Megan, I see that you are still traveling. Is photography your thing now?? Are you doing any graphic design work ? Hope to hear from you Mueller

    1. Megan Avatar

      Hi Mr. Mueller! I am not traveling at the moment, but I have been traveling a lot in the past 5 years or so. Too bad the sketchbook part of my site is down right now. I’ll let you know once I get it up again. I am working as a graphic designer in Chicago at the moment. I do a bit of sketching still but no painting at all. Send me a link if you have any of your more recent work online.