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Where I Slept: Nukus, Uzbekistan


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Nukus, Uzbekistan

Nukus, Uzbekistan | 9 September, 2006 | $15

I arrived in Nukus at dusk and soon found out that most of the hotels were full of tour groups. My taxi driver kept circling the city, trying to find me a place to stay. The only reason to go to Nukus is to go to Moynaq, where the Aral Sea used to be. Its not a tourist town at all and it was least welcoming town I have ever visited. The boutique hotel was cute but for $15 I got a room in the back with no windows and an alarming amount of decoration. Try sleeping under all that pattern!

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2 responses to “Where I Slept: Nukus, Uzbekistan”

  1. dis Avatar

    Wow, those coverlets look headache-inducing! Too much decoration, indeed.

  2. Megan Avatar

    Yes, and even worse there were mosquitoes in the room that I hunted for an hour. It was impossible to track them in that mess of fabrics! On the other hand, I appreciate the effort when so many hotels are too plain.