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Where I Slept: Hohhot, China


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Hohhot, China

Hohhot, China | 15 July, 2006 | $4.94

I arrived in Hohhot after 10pm and, when searching for the hotel I chose out of my guidebook, discovered that an entire block had been torn down. There weren’t a lot of obvious options so I followed a woman through some lively alleys and up 6 flights of stairs to find a typical Chinese hotel with strangers shouting at each other from behind closed doors.

Covered in sweat and exhausted after a 26-hour train ride I headed down to the street to find another hotel. I ended up at a typical Chinese hotel with views of a neon sign and a little tv of my own. The owners seemed a big apprehensive to give me the room because of the shared bathroom. It was quite horrible, just a giant community-style tile room with urine-soaked floors. Thankfully I was able to lock the door and use the hotel-supplied flip flops.

No food is included in this type of room but now that I was in China cheap dumplings were easy to come by on the street. Although rooms like this may seem boring, I find the way my bag explodes all over the room fascinating. It also tells me a lot about the place… Coke is much easier to find than Pepsi (whereas you can only find Pepsi in India) and it was obviously a laundry day judging by the clothes hanging around the window bars.

2 responses to “Where I Slept: Hohhot, China”

  1. Bill Avatar

    What about That wall!!!
    What occurred to me, looking at your photo, was the thought that you must have shown great personal and creative restraint to not contribute to the mural that that space is crying for!
    Or did you….
    I see your laptop is open and appreciate time being short, the road long, (and maybe the mattress wasn’t the best), but more importantly, your Mac is the palate you have chosen for your arts – and with the hospitality and comforts there I am sure it may not have crossed your mind to “liven” the place up a bit for the next weary traveler. I admit to often admiring quality “graffiti” but don’t practice the skills myself…. though I do photograph the best that I am lucky to come across.

    Hope you’re enjoying the balmy Chicago climate this north american midwestern summer has offered – Meanwhile we’re dancing down here in central Tejas, after dark and before dawn, for rain; maybe this weekend – what a birthday gift that would be for a water boy, Hah!!!

    Peace in Justice Sister –
    and remember, “Don’t believe anyone over 30, except Buckminster Fuller!”

  2. Megan Avatar

    The walls were pretty boring all around, Bill. I often only stayed in places one night so decorating never made sense. I guess, in a way, all of my stuff spread out served as some sort of decoration?a way for me to settle in and feel “at home.”

    Chicago’s been crazy cold this summer. Yesterday highs were in the 60s and overnights dropped into the 40s. I’m sending our rain clouds your way, keep dancing!