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Where I Slept: Hongoryn Els, Mongolia


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Hongoryn Els, Mongolia

Hongoryn Els, Mongolia | 5 July, 2006 | $2.50 USD

This group of gers was at the base of some sand dunes which we rode camels on. The camels don’t really go on the sand dunes which is a shame, because walking on the sand dunes is much harder than walking to the sand dunes. Sand dunes are also the most difficult surface I’ve ever cartwheeled on. On the way here we stopped at a glacier (in the desert!) and the van broke down again so we didn’t arrive until 9:30pm. This ger was harnessing solar and wind power, which you can see in this shot of the exterior. This was the first stop on any of my Mongolian trips that we’d run into another van of tourists so it was a bit odd to be in the middle of nowhere but not alone at all.