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Where I Slept: Tsagaan Suvarge, Mongolia


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Tsagaan Suvarge, Mongolia

Tsagaan Suvarg, Mongolia | 3 July 2006 | $3.33 USD

Night two on my Gobi Desert trip was a stop with a family that felt like the middle of nowhere and going to the bathroom in the middle of the night was pretty scary if you didn’t keep your bearings and head back in the right direction in the pitch black night.

The price included breakfast and dinner cooked by the family/owners. We made the driver’s son eat most of the dinner, which was a sort of breaded pocket of purple organ meat. I really tired to eat it out of hospitality but even ketchup didn’t help disguise the smell. Finding a ger full of drying meat covered in maggots didn’t help either! Breakfast was instant noodles, which is what I had brought for lunch. I do love ramen!