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Where I Slept: Hutag Ondor, Mongolia


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Hutag Ondor, Mongolia

Hutag Ondor, Mongolia | 26 June 2006 | $2.50 USD

This wasn’t really a town at all, just a handful of yurts in the countryside in-between Khovsgol Nuur and our next stop (the monastery at Ambarbayasgalant). We didn’t arrive until 5:30pm and while we got settled a herd of aggressive horses invaded. As someone who’s not used to hanging around large, somewhat wild animals I tried to keep my distance. At this point we were still 30km (19 miles) away from the closest paved road?quite far to travel on dirt tracks?but getting closer to the capital every day. You can see a photo in my gallery of the outside of our ger as well. You can see our driver eating dinner on the stovetop in the middle of the photo although he usually insisted on sleeping in the van.

The price included breakfast and cooked by the family/owners.