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Where I Slept: Tsetserleg, Mongolia


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Tsetserleg, Mongolia

Tsetserleg, Mongolia | 20 June 2006 | $3.33 USD

I stayed in this ger with four other travelers who were sharing a van with me on a 10-day roadtrip around Mongolia, Northwest of Ulaan Baatar. The white concrete building in the distance is the toilet and you can see the son standing on the fence (my current layout is a bit narrow for these images, so to see the whole width click on the image and it will pop up).

Most villages out this way in Mongolia are simply a number of gers with a wooden fence around the property. We played basketball with the kids?an obvious influence of the large Peace Corps presence. Its not uncommon to come across a few gers in the middle of nowhere with a basketball net set up.

The price included breakfast cooked by the family/owners.