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Where I Slept on the Road


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There are a number of little projects that I’ve been planning for this site since I got back. One project that I had planned on starting last year but never got around to, was to publish the photos of hotels I stayed in. You guys know how methodical I can be about recording different parts of my trip so I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that I took a photo of the place I slept almost every night of my trip. I didn’t usually take more than one photo of the same place if I stayed multiple nights but I did try to snap a shot of the bus, train, yurt and sand dune I slept in in addition to the hotel rooms. Writing this, I’m at a loss what to call it. I’ve been calling it “sleeping” in my head but I don’t think “sleeping my way around-the-world” would be very appropriate. I don’t want those kind of Google hits!

I think its pretty interesting to see how accommodations vary throughout the world. I plan to publish a photo on the day it was taken?so the bed I slept in on June 19th, 2006 will go up tomorrow. I haven’t decided how these will ultimately be categorized, perhaps in some sort of grid on a page somewhere. For now they will simple be posted in the blog portion of my site. When going through my photos last week I was shocked that I didn’t have a photo of my bunk bed in Korea where I flew to on June 6th, or the first bed I slept on in Ulaan Baatar so the photos will start tomorrow with the various gers I stayed in throughout Mongolia. These are actually some of the more interesting accommodations on my trip, I hope you find them as interesting as I do.

12 responses to “Where I Slept on the Road”

  1. Nancy Avatar

    Lol! If you ever write a book about your travels I think the sleeping on the road photos would be very interesting to have!

  2. Dirtybootz Avatar

    I think you should call the series, “Where the sheep graze”, all in a nod to that timeless activity – counting sheep.

    Looking forward to the pics!

  3. Megan Avatar

    I think that a book about my travels may be more likely as something illustrated or graphic than stories. Well, maybe short stories would be okay. Someday!

    DB, that’s a pretty good suggestion, thanks!

  4. sandy Avatar

    The book using your pics to depict your journey around the world would be awesome.

    I’ve done some extended travel this past year, but nowhere near your jaunt. But, I will make my RTW trip one day (soon) 🙂

    I’m a twitterer ? so, I’ll see you around

  5. sandy Avatar

    sent above too soon by accident.

    what is your other twitter handle?

  6. Megan Avatar

    I’m following you with my other account now (assuming you’re the person who friended me_go whose handle starts with Stacy!). Merlin starts in the US on Sunday so I apologize in advance for all the tweets that are sure to come about that.

  7. Megan Avatar

    Oops, Sandy, Stacy… my reading comprehension is getting worse in my old age. Should be fixed now.

  8. Ksenia Avatar

    Fabulous idea. So very excited to see them all!

  9. megan Avatar

    This is a really great idea, and I’m really looking forward to checking in each day for a new picture. I plan to do the same when I finally go on my trip – on shorter jaunts, it’s so easy to forget to take pictures of where you slept!

    After three weeks in Nepal and India over Christmas, I think I only have two photos of the guesthouses we stayed in. I think at the time I was generally too depressed by how awful they were to want to take photos 🙂

  10. Megan Avatar

    I’m glad this is getting such a great reception. Some of the hotel rooms might become monotonous but I find the room, location and price is kind of interesting to see, especially if you’ve never been there.

    It is so easy to forget to take pictures of the rooms and I wasn’t perfect! I got over the awfulness of the rooms pretty quick but found that the cheaper ones were usually more interesting. Also, the homestays were super interesting (especially in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan).

  11. Bethany Avatar

    great post! Very useful info. Can’t wait to see more. I’m thinking of heading to Mongolia and I was wondering how you arranged the road trip. Did you find a guide when you were there or before you arrived? Any info would be great. Thanks! Beth

  12. Megan Avatar

    I arranged both of my road trips through the hostel I was staying at. Back then (its been a few years now) there were a few independent organizations/tour agencies to arrange a car and driver but finding other people to join would be difficult. I just had a driver in both cases, one which spoke a few words of English and the other which literally spoke no English at all.

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