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Who Isn’t a Little Irish These Days?


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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Hopefully today is more than just an opportunity to drink green beer and fight over who’s “more Irish.” My father was 100% Irish-American and finagled himself Irish citizenship about five years ago. My mom is a little Irish, but not nearly enough to pretend away the German.

If you ask me Buster has gone a little too far this time Dinner... Thank St Pat no cabbage this year

8 responses to “Who Isn’t a Little Irish These Days?”

  1. princebishop Avatar

    if your dad had irish citizenship, does that mean you can? an irish/eu passport could be usefull…not to mention broadening employement possibilities.

  2. Megan Avatar

    I would love to have dual citizenship. However, the rules were changed a while ago so children of naturalized citizens can only claim citizenship if they were born after their parents were citizens. My dad applied well after I was born which makes me one generation too far removed. Apparently in some cases it’s allowed, but I’m not sure I would get through.

    It would help a lot with all of my travels, that’s for sure. I had also initially planned on working in Europe after college but there were too many visa issues.

  3. Brooke Avatar

    Haha, Yeah so I just sent the email asking if you were Irish and such bc the flight attendant on Aer Lingus reminded me of you. Too funny.

  4. Megan Avatar

    I know! When I was in Ireland I didn’t see too many stereotypical Irish-types. I look good in green though.

  5. kate Avatar

    Hey, the kids want to know if Buster’s beads are from our party, they look familiar. My dad got his EU passport through the dual citizenship thing. Too bad we can’t get them, too.

    We have been checking out the little kids in sheep costumes song. I think Maggie is going to want that song for her cell phone, too.


  6. Megan Avatar

    Mom says she had some beads already but they may be from your party.

    Dad left an entire drawer of genealogy records, much to my mom’s dismay, and I’ve found extra copies of many of the documents needed to apply for citizenship. It doesn’t hurt to ask I suppose.

    I’m sure Maggie will be a big hit with her random Chinese ringtone. I bet you could find it online somehow. I even put the Chinese characters in there if you want to search for it.

  7. Judy  Rexrode Avatar
    Judy Rexrode

    Hi Megan Is that your Buster in the green shirt? He sure does look cute Love Aunt Judy

  8. megan Avatar

    It is Buster. He’ll do anything (including dress up) for corned beef.