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A Day Worth Waiting For


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This morning I watched the sun rise against the Taj Mahal and I ate McDonalds for the first time in five months. It was a good day.

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  1. Meiya Avatar


  2. Megan Avatar

    On the other hand, I got in a big argument with my rickshaw driver who wanted 150 rupees insetad of our agreed-upon 40. I also have a hacking cough that keeps me up at night, a runny nose and sore throat—just in case anyone gets too jealous.

  3. ali Avatar

    Well, at least you had the negative stuff to balance out all of our jealousy at McDs and Taj Mahal sunrises. 😉

    Whenever you get back home we can amble on over to Chubby Weiner’s…a new place in my ‘hood. Very delish chicago style dogs and evilly delish fries.

  4. daniel Avatar

    Hello buddy,
    dan here- your travelling buddy from tajikistan! Have been keeping a close eye on your travel blog- sounds like you are having some amazing experiences. I’m in Iran now after nearly 7 weeks in pakistan. I’m catching the ferry to Dubai on th 18th and flying back to Oz from there. Will be home a couple of days before xmas. I hope you have a great xmas whereever you are!! Just wanted to say that my time with you and Vincent was a big highlight of my trip.
    Will keep in touch,

  5. Warden Avatar

    Is it true that the “pepper-corn” fee for the Taj Mahal has been jacked up to keep poor locals out?


  6. Dan Avatar

    Sounds great, you can keep the Maccas though, maybe India Maccas is better, I doubt it.

  7. Stu Avatar

    Ah, the ol’ 40/150 game. I much prefer the 15/50 debate…so much more to argue about. It just makes the sun rise viewing so much more authentic and beautiful and special. 🙂

    Got to love it!!!

    (Hello from cold, wet, dark and windy Antwerp.)

  8. nicole (KIR-UZB) Avatar
    nicole (KIR-UZB)

    hello sweet! back behind a computer, bored at work haha
    feels like you’re rolling around the world for ever, thanks for keeping updated for us (me) with stunning picture, great drawings and all the large cultural information on the places you visit. as if i was there! *hand over a tissue to megan*

    that first bite in the burger must have been something wonderful

    life is good in swissland, back on the skies, time flies and already thinking on where to go next year */:-)

    take care with your cold and have a beautiful day

    life is good!

  9. Megan Avatar

    I will eat hot dogs with you any day.

    I uploaded some photos for you. A ton actually. If you didn’t get the email with the link let me know. You’ll want to wait until you get back to Kangaroo Island though, the files are pretty big. I had a good time with you guys too. I miss Tajikistan in a way. I’ve been around way too many tourists since leaving Central Asia. And don’t get me started on how jealous of Iran I am. You have to tell me how youthought a woman might travel through Pakistan…. okay?

    And I DO plan on uploading some more stuff from that trip. It’s halfway written!

    Most sites are 10 rupees for locals and 250 for foreigners. The Taj, I believe, is 50 rupees for locals and 750 for foreigners. I think if the foreigners are paying so much more than the locals should too. And it’s SO crowded, I would say more Indian tourists than foreigners.

    Well, I like McDonalds. Sorry. I can’t even tell you how good that tasted after what I’ve been eating. They do have a different menu though, no beef and things like a chicken tiki masala burger!

    There’s too much polution to see the sunrise or sunset! Are you premanently in Antwerp? Well, permanently for you? What about Switzerland?

    Hey, I was thinking about you the other day. I have photos for you too. Did I ever email you the address where to download them? Well, there’s no beef at McDonalds in India so I had to have chicken burger, but it was AMAZING.

    You can’t complain, with a job like yours! Where to next year?