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No Time To Wait


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The second installment of my Jomsom Trek is all ready to go, I finished yesterday. Unfortunately, the internet connections here are not making the photo uploading process easy. Tomorrow morning I leave for Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, before getting out of this country! I’m ready for something new—India.

The update will be showing up here as soon as I find a suitable internet connection. In the meantime, I managed to upload the majority of my photos from the trek in the gallery.

3 responses to “No Time To Wait”

  1. Nina Avatar

    I wish I were with you!

  2. Megan Avatar

    Well, Lumbini was a let down but Varanasi’s pretty interesting. Lots of photos here!

  3. chan Avatar

    Yo Megan, how r u finding India? where all do you plan to visit? (I live near Delhi and ‘ve been following your travels for a couple of months now I guess.)

    And meat’s no risk!