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Walk No More


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I’m back home! Some other travelers laugh when I refer to my most recent long term (more than 3 days) residence as home, but that’s my life at the moment. In fact, today I’ve been recognized by at least three locals, welcomed back and asked about my trek. This morning I shocked the waiters at Mike’s resturaunt by ordering two bannana pancakes and home style potatoes and eating it all. Europeans just don’t know how to put it away.

I finished my trek in seven days instead of eight, partly out of peer pressure from the other trekers and partly because I was sick of walking. I figured that the faster I walked, the sooner I could stop walking. I am glad I saw the small, picturesque villages along the way but, personally, I thought neither the villages or scenery compared to Tibet.

On day six I walked up about 3,000 uneven stone steps over the course of eight hours. I barely made it into the guesthouse that night. Yesterday I had a dream that I beat up some female maoists before waking up at 4:45 to walk up 1,000 feet to see the sun rise from Poon Hill. While I was lacing my boots I started thinking about Portillo’s hot dogs and wondered why I was doing all this.

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  1. Laundro Avatar

    Welcome home!

  2. lucas Avatar

    “poon hill”.. haha!