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Another Kyrgyz Revolution?


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When I travel for long periods of time (I’m almost at five months now), some places and even countries fade from my memory quickly. When I left Bishkek in September, and then again in early October, it was a peaceful place. But today I got an email from Nargiza, the girl who posed as my translator at the Uzbek embassy:

hi Megan, i stady in university, nou im not working, today is not good because revolition. do you have pictures?

Now, I never said she was the best translator, but she got the job done. Notice how she casually mentions revolution? The Kyrgyz “Tulip Revolution” was only a few years ago and it seems that the current government isn’t cutting it. Or maybe in nomadic, herding societies like Kyrgyzstan’s the populace gets bored in the winter and stages revolutions as a form of entertainment.

In any case, some of my more involved readers might want to keep an eye out this week to see what the outcome is. I’m sure this issue hasn’t appeared in the U.S. press, but you can start with a short article here.

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  1. Dan Avatar

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  2. Megan Avatar


    Thanks, glad to help. From the looks of things it appears that you’ve just borrowed the “details” section. That’s cool, I’m glad that it makes sense to people, I wasn’t sure how it was working for you guys. Just stay away from the style, graphics, photos and of course, content and we’re cool. I’m sure your site will be great, but it’s like a full time job on the road!

  3. Claudia Avatar

    Hey there Megan,
    Quick question about your digital camera…how long have you had it and would you recommend it? I’m overwhelmed by all this digital stuff…I’ll be going to New Zealand and would like to invest on a digital bc of the “easy emailing of pict’s”…what are some of your recommendations…I’m just a point and shoot type of gal.
    Pura Vida,

  4. Megan Avatar

    This reminds me that I really need to get the packing info up for you guys. I actually took photos of all my equipment way back in Korea!

    So, I’m carrying about 4 cameras. Yes, I never admitted to being normal. So two are disposables for cartwheel photos. My main camera is a Nikon D70s digital SLR with an 18-200 lens and a 20mm back-up lens. I bought in back in May, 2006. This is not a camera for a point and shoot person (plus it’s like over $1,500 USD depending on your lens choice!). It weighs quite a lot, probably over 3 lbs not including the chargers and stuff.

    My other camera is my backup and what I took on phase 1—a Canon s60. I bought it in 2004 and it was rendered obsolete a few years ago. I liked it because it has a wide angle lens (about 28mm equivelent). But it’s bigger than most point and shoots out there that I see.

    A lot of people are carrying around the Canon powershot series cameras. They’re cute, small and have big screens. I think outside the USA they’re called IXIS or something like that. You really don’t need over 3 megapixels if you’re just prtinting normal-sized photos but most cameras are up in the 6+ range now.

    Take a look at the camera reviews on forums like DP Review they have a buyer’s guide here where you can select a camera based on the features you want. It’s a good start. You can also take a look at Steve’s Digicams for reviews.

    I would suggest that instead of emailing all of your pictures you’re going to want to have them burned to CD. This is really simple in any tourist place. I even saw the service offered in Dushanbe, Tajikistan so it’s out there. I take so many that I actually have a small protable hard drive for storing my photos but if you’re a normal photographer you should be fine gettign CDs burned every once in a while and then emailing any photos you choose out of the lot when your parents start demanding proof that you’re still alive.

    Let me know if you need any more info or if everythign above was too confusing.

  5. Claudia Avatar

    Thanks Megan, by the way, how do you lug around with so much camera equipment, you really didn’t take any clothes then. jeje. Let’s see what camera I decide on.

  6. Megan Avatar

    How do I lug it? Well, it helps that I’m really strong! I’m only 5’5″ but I’m carrying around 20 kilos of stuff. That’s close to 40 lbs! The hard part is when I fly because I can’t check any of my electronics or valubles so that’s most of my stuff I have to carry on somehow. I still think I can cut down on clothes… I bought a new pair of pants in China and want to get my old pair that’s falling apart copied before I get rid of them. One pair is good for me, except on laundry day!