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Gobi Trip Details


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Day 1: Ulaan Baatar > Sum Khokh Burd [9 hrs in car]*
Day 2: Sum Khokh Burd > Tsagaan Suvarge (visit rock formations and canyon) [9 hrs in car]
Day 3: Tsagaan Suvarge > Dalanzadgad [7.5 hrs in car]**
Day 4: Dalanzadgad > Hongoryn Els (visit ice valley along the way) [11.5 hrs in car]***
Day 5: Hongoryn Els (camel riding) > Bayanzag (visit canyon) [6 hrs in car]
Day 6: Bayanzag > Erdenedalay [7 hrs in car]
Day 7: Erdenedalay > Ulaan Baatar [10 hrs in car]

*Our driver got lost and tried to make us sleep at a random ger
** The van broke down for 3.5 hours
***The van broke down for 2 hours

If you are planning a trip you really can’t count on the driving times you’re given. I guess they figure that if they give the real times people won’t go. Although some delays are due to breakdowns we really didn’t stop in the Gobi for bathroom breaks or pictures. Here’s a comparison of the estimated and actual times:

Day 1: 5.5 hrs estimated; 9 hrs actual
Day 2: 5.5 hrs estimated; 9 hrs actual
Day 3: 4 hrs estimated; 7.5 hrs actual
Day 4: 6 hrs estimated; 11.5 hrs actual
Day 5: 4 hrs estimated; 6 hrs actual
Day 6: 6 hrs estimated; 7 hrs actual
Day 7: 6 hrs estimated; 10 hrs actual

Cost Breakdown
140,400T —car, driver, gas
26,740T —food bought before trip
25,000T —gers (mostly small family operations)
9,000T —souvenirs
7,200T —food bought during trip
5,000T —1 hour horse ride in the ice valley
4,000T —1 hour camel ride in Hongoryn Els
800T —1 shower
218,140T Total
$181.78 or $25.97 per day