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Gobi, Here I Come


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My time back in UB has flown by. There’s been a lot of waiting around to find others interested in going to the Gobi, buying food, eating chocolate and visiting temples. The streets have come alive while we were gone. Before there were only a few people selling outside adn now I am continually harassed by street children selling postcards and paintings. Yesterday I tried to buy postcards at the main post office and was nearly mauled by a German tour group! I did manage to buy a train ticket to Hohot, China for the 14th of July. International tickets sell out fast and I’m sure it’s nearly impossible to get a ticket to Beijing now. Thankfully, the train to Hohot is shorter—only 24 hours!

I’m off to the Gobi tomorrow morning for 7 or 8 days of camel-riding, no shower-taking fun. Victoria and I had been paired up with three Belgians, only two of which speak Flemmish, so English should be mostly spoken. I’m afraid they have a bit too high expecations for the food and bathing situation even though we’ve tried to warn them.

In the meantime I’ve uploaded a few more photo galleries and some even have captions. You can check them out in the gallery. I’m aware that there’s a scaling issue at the moment with all of the full size horizontal images. I’m working on a solution, it should be pretty simple once I have a while to sit down with the programming code. See you all in a week.

5 responses to “Gobi, Here I Come”

  1. eep Avatar

    Your photos are beautiful. As always, thanks so much for sharing these.

  2. Lisa Avatar

    I think the camera is treating you well, good work! The wide angle shots are awesome, you bought the right lenses.

  3. Tim Avatar

    cool blog. i’m curious how you got those country flags to show up by each of your category names on your posts? is that a wordpress trick?

  4. Jim Avatar

    I just noticed that the picture on the header changes each time you visit the page. You’re so cool!

  5. Megan Avatar

    Thanks for the compliments on my photos! You don’t need a polarizer in Mongolia, it’s just so blue. The lens is great, I am using the telephoto more than I thought I would to get birds, signs etc. The problem with the wide angle on the landscape is that you get so much of the land too–you really need a panarama of it all.

    The country flags are linked to the category name I asign it (ie. Mongolia). I use a plugin for that function and it’s called Category Images. There is a link to it on the sidebar at the right under “extras” and “site credit.” I hope that helps! I had to try to find a few to make them work and have yet to find one that I can get to also work in the sidebar next to each category name.

    I try! I get bored looking at the same thing each time I login. It’s an easy script and I found it online somewhere and just pasted it into my template so it randomly displays an image from a folder each time.