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Korean Gallery


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Okay, no more complaining, the gallery from Korea is up! Go to the Gallery link at the top of this page and you’ll see it. This should keep you occupied while I’m up north riding horses and looking at mountains.

2 responses to “Korean Gallery”

  1. David R Avatar
    David R

    Thanks for posting all these amazing pics of Korea. I hope you’re having a great time riding off into the Mongolian steppes.

    And I hope you enjoyed the Seoul Backpacker. I plan to pass through there in late July.

  2. Megan Avatar

    Sure thing! I think the baseball game was my favorite photo sibject in Koera.

    Seoul Backpacker was fine. I think it was in a good location, right near Agnuk subway stop and very close walking distance to the Insadong neighborhood where it’s nice (but more pricey) to eat and look around.

    It’s clean and you’ll meet a lot of people but many of them are looking for work or visiting friends so I didn’t meet many people to really go out with.

    Enjoy Korea!