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Today is the day! In a few hours I get on a plane in Chicago and fly to Seoul with a brief plane change in Tokyo. I will arrive in Seoul around 7am Friday cst. Of course, it will be time to go to bed there so I have to plan my plane sleeping well. Because I am a complete procrastinator I was up until 4am sewing pockets into shorts, packing and getting ready. This morning I had to make the hard decision to leave my sleeping bag at home. It was taking up 1/4th my bag. After taking that out I was still tight for space—I’m not used to packing for cold climates. If I didn’t need a jacket my packing would be in a much better state. I got rid of one novel but the real space culprit is toiletries and medicine. Although I have resported to using bar soap for my hair in the past I’d prefer not to rely on it so the shampoo and conditioner stay.

Its a beaituful morning in Chicago, everyone enjoy it while I’m cooped up in a plane for the better part of a day. I’ll check in when I get settled in Seoul.

11 responses to “I’m Off”

  1. slodwick Avatar

    Good luck, sweetie! Keep in touch! *hugs*

  2. Laundro Avatar

    YAY! Best of luck!

  3. Meiya Avatar

    Bon voyage, Megan!! Have a wonderful trip!

  4. Claudia Cavazos Avatar
    Claudia Cavazos

    The best of luck on your awesome journey! We all will wait eagerly to be nosey and read your postings from abroad!
    Pura Vida!

  5. eep Avatar

    Goodbye, and good luck! Have a safe trip, have a great time traveling, and keep in touch when you can. We’ll miss you!

  6. Lisa Avatar

    Have a safe flight!

  7. Nina Avatar

    Have a fantastic trip. I look forward to reading all of your kick ass posts and I will definitely comment on all of them. Definitely. KIT.

  8. chup Avatar

    Bon voyage

  9. Wendy Avatar

    Have a great time, and I look forward to hearing about your adventures over in these parts of the world!

  10. Megan Avatar

    Thanks for all the well wishes!