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My Long Weekend in Myanmar


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I was sitting very comfortably in Chiang Mai, Thailand eating ice cream and pizza when I looked at a map. I suddenly realized that Myanmar was only 1.5 hours away! The next day I was on standing in immigration wondering if it might be possible to get a 5-day visa. After four offices, three photos of myself, two hours and ten U.S. dollars I was free to visit Myanmar. Except for the fact that I was only allowed to go as far as the city of Kengtung three hours away, that I had to surrender my passport at the border and that I had to go out into the city, find a driver and bring him back to get verified to drive me.

Although the journey there and back was filled with red tape and no less than five police checkpoints (to register the foreigner’s movements), it was worth it. The people in Kengtung were happy and smiling and excited to see me. Old women in the small towns I bicycled to as well as little kids appered giddy to see a foreigner. One woman even invited me in to eat with her friends. I’ll write a little more when I get the photos ready but I’m back in touch and heading over to Chiang Mai tomorrow morning.

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  1. Charlie Westerman Avatar
    Charlie Westerman

    Get a message in Chaing Mai and feel smug that we’re all back here working.

  2. Charlie Westerman Avatar
    Charlie Westerman

    I mean a massage. Maybe there will be a message for you too.