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One or Two of the Four Thousand Islands


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The Southern part of Laos is often neglected by tourists as it?s much easier to enter from Thailand near Vientiane. But I found the area where the Mekong widens and makes way for 4,000 islands quite beautiful. I decided to stay on one of the smaller islands, Don Det, to relax and start my journey into Laos culture. The area has been overtaken by bungalows built for tourists and restaurants serving Beer Lao and fried rice. The locals were friendly, shouting ?saibidee? in greeting as I walked along the path between guesthouses and the large empty fields of the interior. Because I splurged for the $1.50 bungalow I was able to stay on the ?sunset side? of the island and spent four evenings sitting in the hammock on my porch, watching the sun melt into the Mekong. Days were spent reading and watching my guesthouse?s pet monkey try to untie it?s leash. It was a peaceful four days, without electricity or hot water.

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