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Sunrise in Siam Reap


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This morning I woke up at 4:15am and hired a moto driver to take me to a hilltop temple named Phnom Bakheng to see the sunrise. As I climbed up the hill over crumbling rocks and misplaced boulders it became obvious that I was a bit early for sunrise. I was the first person on top of the temple which was very exciting and very scary. Although I brought my small flashlight with me the site is not lighted and I was not aware of it?s layout. Assuming the temple faced East I walked down what appeared to be a causeway until I came to steps. Gathering my courage, I scaled the narrow, steep steps until I could go no further. Looking up I came face to face with a large lion. It obviously turned out to be a statue but I was so surprised I nearly fell back down the stairs. At the top of the temple I could only hear the rustling of wind in the trees and tried not to look too closely at the decapitated Buddha statues. I sat alone, watching the moon and stars for another twenty minutes before a few other people arrived. The sky turned to a gray and then a light blue so gradually that I hardly noticed. Because of the clouds the sunrise wasn?t as glorious as one would expect, getting up at 4:15, but it was certainly worth doing once.

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  1. Michael McMillan Avatar
    Michael McMillan


    I enjoyed reading about your early morning temple adventure/experience. It sounded beautiful… like a great way to start each morning in fact… but remember the early worm gets the bird. As for the early Megan… the lion statue.

    I’m glad you’re experiencing so many great wonders. Keep up the great work and take care.


  2. Nina Avatar

    I heard there was a huge earthquake in Thiland. I know you weren’t there, but near. Are you okay. It’s been weeks since you posted. I know you think I worry about you a lot, but that is because I do. I don’t know if you go a chance to celebrate xmas or not, but Merry Belated Xmas! I got your postcard. It was the best as usual, thank you. That was the best christmas present ever. I hope you are well and in good spirits. When you get a chance, please write me at least to tell me that you are okay.

  3. pismire Avatar


    I hope you are well. Your blogosphere friends are worried, and we hope to hear from you soon.