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Beach Holiday in Cambodia


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After nearly three months of travel it was time to hit the beach. I am not a beach-lover really, but I decided the southern town of Sihanoukville would be a nice place to relax from traveling for a few days. I arrived in the late afternoon after a five hour bus ride and decided to stay near Serendipity Beach. Walking around I was approached by a nice woman who asked me to sit at her beach shack. I told her I would come the next day and stuck to my promise. She seemed surprised that I came back but I had my reasons. Her shack was on the far side of the beach, nearly 20 minutes walk away from my hotel in a very quiet area. I was willing to walk down the beach, past the Western tourists and past the Cambodian tourists to have a bit of peace and quiet. I refused all attempts to get me on a motorbike to see waterfalls or on a boat to see islands. I sat at the Dolphin Shack for five days, drank fresh pineapple shakes and read two books–it was amazing.