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I’ve been thinking about everywhere I want to go and came up with the following possibility:

USA -> Japan -> China -> Vietnam -> Cambodia -> Laos -> Thailand -> Tibet -> Nepal -> India -> Syria -> Jordan -> Egypt -> Tanzania -> Madagascar -> Zimbabwe -> Swaziland -> South Africa -> * -> Brazil -> Argentina -> Costa Rica* -> USA

* I may have to fly through London to get to South America from Africa, I’m not sure yet. If I did that it would be cool to stop off in Morocco. I also want to go to Timbucktu which is in Mali but it’s totally out of the way and a little too close to too many wars. Granted, Syria and Jordan are close to wars as well. I’m not sure about Costa Rica either. I feel like I should stop in Central America but I may not since it’s such an easy trip from the U.S.

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  1. Nina Avatar

    Be careful in South Africa. I heard that it is war-torn and that tourists have a hard time there. It’s probably best to do some research.