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  • French Travel Machine

    J’en veux un!

  • Creating Bicycle Cities Around the World

    Over his lifetime my uncle has been involved with many charities and told me about one where he helped to send bicycles to India. At the time I wondered why anyone would go to the trouble to ship containers of old bicycles to the other side of the world. During my travels I have seen […]

  • North Korea in HD

    A tourist named Steve Gong was able to shoot HD video with his Nikon 5D camera by training himself to compose and focus blindly, with the camera hanging around his neck. Along with many detractors I agree that the hairstylist in this video, (even if she agreed to be filmed), could be at danger from […]

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  • Inspired by Iceland

    I love this video from Iceland’s tourism department! A bicycle trip around the island has been on my list for a while now, I just need to decide when and find someone who can keep up. Inspired by Iceland Video from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

  • Site Maintenance

    I’m fiddling around with the layout and design of Me-go at the moment. Sorry for any inconvenience, carry on!

  • New York Times ‘All You Can Jet’ Article

    New York Times ‘All You Can Jet’ Article

    Those of you following my Twitter feed may have read that Seth Kugel, The Frugal Traveler, from the New York Times interviewed me last week. The article went up late last night. You can see my pictures and read about mine and others experiences during the All You Can Jet promotion here on the NYT […]

  • Me-go Subscribers

    Now that my site is back up and I’m currently traveling I’ve finally reinstalled my subscriber list. If you received a confirmation email from my site (via Feedburner) you can confirm and follow my updates by email. If you are no longer interested in receiving email updates feel free to disregard the email. As always, […]

  • Talking Travel at Meet, Plan, Go!

    Last night’s Chicago Meet, Plan, Go! was a success! REI’s community room was full and I was surprised at how well-traveled the audience already was. We even had someone who had been to Uzbekistan—I was impressed. Hopefully everyone had a good time and left with a reignited passion for RTW travel. As always, I always […]

  • Jetting on jetBlue

    My first leg of jetBlue’s All You Can Jet is finished and it was pretty exciting. Washington D.C. was so amazing that I changed my flight at the last minute to skip Baltimore and stay in D.C. another day. Since my friend was flying out at 6am on an adventure of her own I ended […]