Me-go: Around-the-World

Site credit

This web site could not have been made without the help and support of the entire online blogging, WordPress and plugin community. Thanks go out to:

WordPress and everyone on the support forums for creating the great software that runs this blog.

Mike Mangi, a friend who helps me to fix all my programming mistakes.

Photostack which creates and manages my photo gallery. It’s one of the few gallery systems I could find that was simple, yet allowed nested galleries.

Vlad, a fellow traveler, for letting me use his “days gone” script.

Mark James at FamFamFam for the lovely flag icons that appear at the tops of each post.

and the following plugins:
Askimet gets rid of spam.
Bad Behavior gets rid of spam.
Category Order allows me to specify which order the categories appear in the sidebar.
Category Images automatically places the appropriate flag in the title of my posts.
Democracy creates polls for my site and generates an archive.
Filosofo Enroll Comments allows readers to subscribe to comments.
Fancy Archives cleans up my archives in the sidebar so you only see them by year instead of every month.
Now Reading created a log of the books I’ve read with links back to Amazon.
RunPHP which allows me to run PHP code within blog posts or pages (namely the poll archives).
Spam Karma 2 fights spam.
Subscribe 2 allows readers to subscribe to blog updates.
Search Pages extends the search function to pages as well as posts.
W-P allows me to specify my commonly mis-spelled words so they are automatically changed.