Never Ending Chicago Winter

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Lake Michigan

Growing up near Chicago has trained me for winter and I’m used to much more snow than we’ve been getting in recent years. What is it about this year’s winter that has everyone I know pleading for it to end? Despite the lack of snow it seems we’re well below average temperature for March. I don’t mind the cold, but I miss the sun.

Business Travel Déjà Vu

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My early flight home from Minneapolis yesterday morning was delayed by two hours. After a while I gave in and bought a magazine in the airport gift shop. I was halfway through before realizing I had already read it–and that I’d bought it two business trips ago.

The day before I insisted I was in Michigan (I was wrong) and that it was Tuesday (it was Monday). Should I take this as a sign I’m traveling too much?


January in New York

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I found myself working in New Jersey twice in January this year. When I’m there I try to make it over to Manhattan for museums and shopping, but this time I visited Brooklyn for the first time. Meeting up with a friend who grew up there he laughed at the fact that I picked Williamsburg, since he doesn’t consider it real Brooklyn. Next time I’m out East with nice weather I’ll try to make it further into Brooklyn.

I Heart NYC but...

I Heart NYC but…

Officially Winter

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I can deal with the cold temperatures, it’s the weeks without sunshine that get to me during the Chicago winter.

Frozen city

Frozen city

Hazards of parking in the gutter

Hazards of parking in the gutter

Streets full of ice

Streets full of ice

Traveling Through 2012

Despite my lack of updates, I managed to take quite a few trips this year. Only a few were non-work related but I try my best to spend a little time in each city I visit. Both St. Louis and Detroit trips were in and out in one day, but I always arrange extra time in New York and D.C.

Who knows what sort of travel is in store for me in 2013, but I hope for at least one international trip. I’m still toying with the idea of biking around Iceland but, for now, all I know is I’ll be visiting New York and Atlanta.

January: Washington D.C.

Air and Space Annex Museum, VA

Air and Space Annex Museum at Dulles Airport, Virginia

February: St. Louis

Chicago sunrise

Daytrip to St. Louis

March: Virginia, Syracuse

Small plane from D.C. to Syracuse

Small plane from D.C. to Syracuse

Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse

We had Dinosaur BBQ twice in Syracuse

Syracuse cartwheel

Cartwheeling at work in Syracuse

April: NYC, Jersey City

Manhattan by air

Manhattan by air

NYC morning

Visiting with Sema (who I last saw in Kyrgyzstan), cartwheeling on the High Line

Jersey City sunset

Jersey City sunset

May: NYC, Jersey City

NYC park museum afternoon

Afternoon spent in parks and museums in NYC

NYC High Line

Have I mentioned how much I love the New York High Line?

New York afternoon

I managed to get my client to go with a Star Trek theme this trip

Chicago Twilight

Chicago Twilight

July: Washington D.C., Detroit

Modern art in D.C.

Modern art, including “The Art of the Video Game” exhibition, in D.C.

Seeing friends in D.C.

Museum hopping and seeing friends in D.C.

One day in Detroit

My first time in Detroit – one day in the suburbs

August: Denver

Overcast Denver

My first ever overcast day in Denver, visiting my sister

September: Connecticut, Houston

Connecting flights to Connecticut

Connecting flights to Connecticut

Sunrise on the way to Houston

Sunrise on the way to Houston

November: Sydney, Pittsburgh

Gorgeous Sydney

Who knew Sydney was so gorgeous? I can’t wait to go back.


My time in Sydney was way too short, and the flight way too long with no TV in my seatback



Dreary Pittsburgh

A dreary first visit to Pittsburgh, testing the limits of my carryon with a 16-day trip

United status

I finally reached the lowest level of status on United, halving my boarding number and scoring me an exit row

December: Boston

Boston business

Business trips to Boston mean cookie cutter hotels and plenty of lobster

Boston by air

Boston’s topography is totally different than I thought

Chicago fog

Flying home to Chicago for the last time in 2012

Chicago Open Streets: Milwaukee Avenue

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I may be a bit behind on my posting, Chicago’s Open Streets happened in September. Even so, I wanted to post about it because it was an interesting event. One and a half miles of Milwaukee Avenue was shut down for a good part of the day in Wicker Park. I was hoping it would simply be a clear open street for cyclists, but small areas were set up with activities like 4-square, fencing and areas for kids to play. As nice as it was to casually ride down Milwaukee without worrying about being doored or running over a jaywalker, I pointed out to friends that this happens every Sunday and holiday in Bogota and, although this is a start, I hope we can make streets safe and open more than once a year.

4 Square Players

4 Square Players

Milwaukee Avenue

Milwaukee Avenue

Fencing Demonstration

Fencing Demonstration

Don’t Forget to Vote, America

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Since I’m working this week I voted last Monday. I’m grateful that Illinois allows early voting, although I was looking forward to seeing my new polling place a few steps out my back door.



Officially Fall

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Chicago was beautiful yesterday, the trees full of yellow leaves glowing against a bright blue sky. Today is overcast and dreary, reminding me that the winter is coming. Summer in Chicago is so great that, even though I know it will end, it’s always hard to see go.

Rainy fall day

Rainy fall day

Chicago view from Streeterville

Chicago view from Streeterville

Farmer's Market

Farmer’s Market

Latte at Gaslight Coffee Roasters

Latte at Gaslight Coffee Roasters

Is Business Travel Really Traveling?

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Despite my lack of travel posts around here lately, I’ve been on the road quite a bit. In September I flew to Denver to see my sister, took connecting flights both ways to Connecticut to work (and got stuck in Philly overnight) and made my way to Houston.

When I’m traveling for work I take a suitcase with wheels and usually don’t get to explore the city. My job in Connecticut had me in the suburbs without a car (an hour taxi ride from the Hartford airport) and in Houston I worked in a meeting room in the same hotel I stayed in. I only left the hotel twice to walk across a parking lot to dinner. Although having your travel paid for sounds great, now that I experience it often I realize it isn’t as great as it sounds to a backpacker counting her pennies.

Luckily I get to visit D.C. and New Jersey a few times a year and always try to arrange an extra day to see the sights. In both cases I can rely on public transportation to get around and there is plenty to see. Hopefully after my next business trip to New York in a few weeks I’ll get organized and post all of the photos of the adventures I had on my past three trips there.

Meet, Plan, Go! 2012

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Less than a week to go until Meet, Plan, Go! I’ll be speaking in a breakout group at the Chicago event this time around, but there are tons of amazing and experienced travelers at all of the events.

So, if you’ve ever been jealous of my trips and wondered how you could possibly travel around-the-world or long-term get yourself to Austin, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York City, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, South Florida or Toronto next Tuesday, October 16th.

Our lovely host, Lisa Lubin, was on WGN news last week talking about the Chicago event (watch the video here). The event has historically sold out, so get your tickets now if you plan on going and don’t want to risk door tickets selling out. Still unconvinced? Here’s ten more reasons to attend this year.

Meet, Plan, Go! 2012

Meet, Plan, Go! 2012

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